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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It is hard to believe that it will be 15 weeks ago this Friday that my husband passed away.  He had a massive heart attack while on a ministry trip.  We were not aware of any heart issues, so it was a total shock.  My kids have been a great help and comfort to me.  I still have a daughter who will be a Sr. in high school this year.  Through it all though I can say that my Lord and Savior has been with me and helped me through this difficult time.  We would have had our 45th wedding anniversary this August 20th. I know I will see him again in heaven and there is great comfort knowing that.  If you know the Lord, I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family as we find a "new" normal for our lives.

I am looking forward to quilting once again.  I have many projects on my list!!!  It is also good therapy and I could use a good dose!